Brown's Holiday Farm offers the most beautiful trees out there. We take pride in growing and raising our christmas trees. Our hope is that we can bring the spirit of Christmas into your family's living room with a beautiful Brown's Holiday Farm tree.

We don't just offer the best possible tree you could have for Christmas, we offer an experience like no other. Bring the family out to the farm, have some hot cider and christmas cookies, and pick out your tree.
Brown's Holiday Farm offers two options when buying a tree. You can choose a Cut and Carry Tree or a Pre-cut tree.


Cut & Carry Trees - $30.00
Our cut and carry trees bring you a unique experience by allowing you to go out to the farm, pick out and cut your own tree. The price for this option does not change no matter what the size or weight of the tree is.

Pre-Cut Trees - $50.00
Our Pre-Cut tree option is the most popular at Brown's Holiday Farm. These trees are selected and professionally cut. They have been harvested and are kept in a water bath to stay fresh.