Hi! We're Steve and Sallie Brown. Welcome to our farm. We've created Brown's Holiday Farm to share this beautiful place with friends and families.

The pumpkin patch is open! Pick out your favorite. We have many fun activities for kids of all ages: corn mazes, climbing mountains, pumpkin racing, jump pits, race tracks, shooting gallery, forts, fishing pond , environmental trail , and animal tracking.

Since 1987 we've called The Holiday Farm home. We started growing Christmas trees and had so much fun we decided to plant a pumpkin patch.
It's our labor of love. We're conveniently located just off the Highway 31E. Come visit us and make precious family memories this weekend. We look forward to meeting you and your family.
See you soon!

-Our Farm's History of Hospitality-

Once upon a time, Brown’s Holiday Farm was part of a much larger farm owned by the Moore family. The Moore family ran a way-station, providing comfort and hospitality for people traveling the Scottsville Pike during the mid to late 1800’s.  

At that time, a ford provided a crossing at Deshea Creek on a road that led to Washington DC.  The original road was eventually incorporated into Highway 31E and a bridge was built over the creek.  
When Mr. Moore’s daughter got married during the Civil War, he gave her sixty acres of land and built a beautiful two story house where the way-station’s horse and mule barn stood. The home was lovingly cared for and restored before burning to the ground in 1994. 

We bought that house and thirteen acres in 1987 and later on started a Christmas Tree farm on the property. After the historic home was destroyed, we built our new home and expanded our farming operations to include the pumpkin patch and many fun family activities.  

For over 150 years the historic Moore house stood as an example of Sumner counties finest architecture and as a home to several different families.  During these years the house was filled with happy children and served as place for many family gatherings during the holidays.  
We are pleased to continue the tradition by opening our farm and extending hospitality to friends, neighbors, and their children like the Moore’s way-station and the families that lived here so many years ago.


Thank you

We are grateful to the many friends who have helped make Brown's Holiday Farm a reality.  We appreciate your hard work and generosity.